We regret to advise that we have ceased operations in New Zealand and are no longer able to service customers. Genuine enquiries about purchasing or licensing our system are welcomed. The rest of this website remains as information for such enquiries.

We give peace of mind to carers, while empowering people to regain their independence and stay safe at all times. Using a stand alone, mobile and GPS enabled smart watch, Clevercare connects family members with each other and a 24/7 emergency response call centre anywhere, anytime. Clevercare has revolutionised the way we think about medical and safety alarms.

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Clevercare as a Medical Alarm

Clevercare as a Medical Alarm

Clevercare will give you all of the benefits and peace of mind as traditional medical alarms, and so much more. Clevercare will work wherever the wearer is, not just in range of a base station. Rest assured knowing the emergency response is only a button press away, at anytime, and from anywhere.


Support for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Clevercare for Disabilities

Clevercare is ideal for anyone that needs a little bit of help with day-to-day tasks and is the only technology support system for families of a loved one with TBI. Reminders through the watch aid in rehabilitation and management of daily habits. Clevercare is an approved vendor of ACC.


Personal Protection & Security

Clevercare for Personal Protection

Clevercare can help with keeping your children, spouse, or even employees safe. Ensure your child arrives to school on time, locate and speak to them when they get lost. For those that work alone or may be in vulnerable situations running or cycling outside, Clevercare will help provide peace of mind and security!


Clevercare Difference

What Makes Clevercare Different?


Clevercare does not work with a base station, nor is it restricted to a certain area. The worn device works on the mobile network, and will work almost anywhere in New Zealand! Whether you’re in the garden, or in the opposite end of the country, Clevercare will work.

Receive Phone Calls

The watch can be called from any landline or mobile phone and the call quality is like any phone put onto speaker.

Real-time Location

Locate your loved one in real time and rest assured they can be found when they call for help.

Medication & Task Reminders

Customised reminders can be setup and scheduled as one-off or repeating alerts. Messages are received by the watch at the due time of the reminder and the alert repeats every 5mins.

Online Dashboard

Access your Carer's Dashboard from a smartphone, tablet or computer via an internet connection and customise reminders, view location on a map and define safety and danger zones.

Danger & Safe Zone Alerts

As a concerned family member and carer you could be more proactive if you were aware of a situation before it becomes an emergency. Danger and Safety zones can be setup by you so that you're notified of loved ones leaving home, entering dangerous areas such as train crossings etc.

247 Emergency Response 247 Emergency Response

24/7 Emergency Response Call Centre

Within seconds of activating your alarm our 24/7 call centre will call you directly through the smart watch to assess your situation. In all situations your nominated carers will be notified and informed. And if necessary emergency services will be contacted to come to your aid.

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