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The Clevercare Story

Maria's parents; Rose and Norm were determined to live independently, and for as long as they could. Norm suffers from Diabetes, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. He experienced moments of confusion and short-term memory loss. On one occasion while wandering, he suffered a minor stroke. Due to the concern that something could happen to Norm, Rose always accompanied him, and catered to his needs

Witnessing first-hand how stress and the lack of independence impacted their quality of life, Maria was determined to find a way to make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

Maria had an idea of using smart phone technology to allow her dad to go out for a walk alone and she took this idea to Tauranga Startup Weekend in September 2013. Her team came in third place and after the event Maria went on to make her idea a reality.

Rose and Norm incorporated Clevercare into their lives until Rose became ill with cancer and passed away at 55. For the time she used Clevercare, she was able to regain her independence and relieve the stress of constantly reminding Norm to take his pills.

Norm too, also regained his independence, which empowered him to remember things, go out alone on his scooter and now it keeps him connected with his children as he continues to live independently.

Prior to ceasing ioperations in July 2017, Clevercare has helped three main groups:
* those who are looking for the security and independence of a medical alarm which, unlike the old technology, will still work beyond the front gate, so that they can remain active in the community
* those who have cognitive impairments (such as from traumatic brain injury) and need help to live more independently and be less of a burden on carers
* families and carers who are concerned that their parent/dependent is or may be in the early stages of dementia and may become forgetful or prone to wandering or getting lost.

Norm and Rose Twidle
Rose (53) and Norm (75) Twidle.

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