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Clevercare Appoints Managing Director Stuart Pedersen October 5, 2015

Next-generation medical alarm company Clevercare NZ Ltd has appointed a managing director and is embarking on a new phase of development and growth. Stuart Pedersen started on 31 August.

“Founder and executive director Maria Johnston has done a great job of getting the company to where it is today, and we are excited to be moving on to the next level” said entrepreneur and backer Dr Simon McDonald. “Stuart brings new energy and direction and we have some promising plans from here.”

Clevercare grew out of the need Maria saw for help for her parents after her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Witnessing first hand the impact of stress and the lack of independence on their quality of life, Maria was determined to find a way to make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

The result was medical alarm in a stand-alone 3G GPS watch controlled by a very easy to use app which is set up by the carer. The watch delivers reminders for medications and tasks, sends an alert if the wearer is immobile and incapacitated or if they press the alert button, can receive calls from carers and family, and provides a GPS location if help is needed.

For Alzheimer’s sufferers, carers can set up geographic safe zones and danger zones which also trigger an alarm to the carer if they are breached by the wearer. All functions require no or very little input from the wearer of the watch.

“This is a fantastic and proven solution for the elderly and for Alzheimer’s sufferers and their families. The smart combination of leading edge 3G wearable tech, very well put together software, and multi-layered backup through personal contacts and a 24 hour call centre, is generating interest worldwide, and we need to capitalise on that quickly” said Stuart.

“There are many applications for the concept from elderly folk living alone, to workers in remote locations, and the needs are similar worldwide. Our challenge is to focus on the best opportunities first, and get stuck in. We have a great tech team and now need to build a sound business structure around them. That will be my focus over the next few months, and it’s looking really exciting.”

Stuart met Simon through their involvement in sailing charities: Stuart is chairman the Bay of Plenty Sailing Academy Trust and Simon founded the Hawaiki Rising Voyaging Trust. Stuart’s commercial background is in finance and marketing, and he was a founding shareholder in 1987 of financial advisory and investment firm Spicers Portfolio Management Ltd, from which he had a successful exit in 2000. More recently Stuart has been involved in angel investing through Enterprise Angels. He lives in Mt Maunganui with his wife Pamela.

Stuart is available for further comment on 021 878882 or 07 574 1169.




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