Clevercare Medical Watch In The Waikato Times December 5, 2014

We are starting to get some press coverage for our medical alarm startup, which is always a big help for any new business. The Waikato Times have done a great article and video, you can see the full article here or watch the video below.




Well, my dad suffers from early onset Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons and Diabetes. We were worried that something might happen to him. My mum took on the responsibility of caring for him, and I could see what their life was like on a daily basis. I could see what kind of impact it was having for my mum to take care of not only herself but my dad. Seeing that definitely drove me to do something just to help make life a little bit easier.

“This is the Clevercare Smart Watch (holding the watch). As you can see, it’s a stand alone device so it’s not tied to any cables or anything like that. It is fully waterproof and dust proof to international standards. If it gets worn in the shower and that sort of thing it’s still going to be alright to work.”

Medical alarms today already exist in New Zealand, but they use basically 1980’s technology. Our smart watch runs on the 3D network, so you can be at the supermarket, in your backyard, anywhere where you can get 3D coverage and our medical alarm will work.
Our medical alarm does function like a medical alert where if the elder person wants to press the alarm, our monitoring service will pick that up and the call centre can call the watch and notify emergency services if needed. The other aspect of Clevercare is we provide connectivity of the carers to the persons they are monitoring. Spouses, daughters, sons, grandchildren or professional carers that are looking after elderly persons and all those that are disabled can log into the Clevercare dashboard and set reminders, see where they are and make any updates.
Another feature for the older person is that they can use the medical alarm to find their way back home. There is a one-button press and a GPS navigational system will direct them back home with voice prompts.
We have a few strategies that we are executing and we are about to execute. We have a commercial side of our business as well, integrating into retirement homes and independent living facilities.
With technology, as you know, we are not restricted to geographic boundaries, so definitely globalization is one of our goals. We would certainly be interested in exploring opportunities with existing medical alarm suppliers such as St John. Right now we just want to hit the ground running.




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