Wearable Technology that Helps Locate Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s March 20, 2015

If you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s you know the stress of worrying about where your loved one is. Even when a caregiver is present a loved one can easily slip out of an open door and wander off. Or they might become lost while out for a walk, doing some shopping, or going to a visit a friend. It can be very frightening for a family member or caregiver to not know where their loved one is and worry that they might need help. But simple, easy to wear modern technology can take away the stress and fear of not knowing where your loved one is.
Wearable technology, like Clevercare’s Medical Alarm Watch puts the latest GPS tracking devices and other helpful technology into stylish and easy to wear accessories that look similar to traditional watches or to some of the fitness trackers that are so popular right now. Wearable technology gives caregivers and family members real time locations so they always know exactly where the person with Alzheimer’s is. Wearable tech gives people suffering from dementia the freedom they want with the security of knowing that help is always a click away. Check out some of the other ways that wearable tech can help locate people with Alzheimer’s:

When Your Loved One Doesn’t Know Where They Are


Even when the person with Alzheimer’s is having a very lucid day they may become confused easily. They may make a wrong turn while taking a walk and end up in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Or they could go into a store they haven’t been in before and not know where they are. They may even get confused at the mall and not be able to tell you what store they are in. As long as you have a mobile phone even if you are not home you can track your loved one’s location through their wearable technology and instantly find out where to go to get them.

If Your Loved One Falls or Becomes Ill


It’s a caregiver’s worst nightmare to think of their loved one falling or becoming sick and unable to speak. Even if your loved one is at home you may not be able to find them right away if they can’t tell you where they are. But with the GPS tracking inside wearable tech, allows you will be able to find them quickly even if they can’t tell you where they are. In cases where accidents occur or medical emergencies happen those extra seconds and minutes can be critically important. Having wearable technology that makes it easy to locate your loved one could save their lives.

When Your Loved One Strays Too Far


Using wearable technology such as Clevercare’s Wearable device you can set alerts that will let you know when your loved one wanders too far from home, goes into a bad neighborhood, or strays into a high traffic area. You will receive an instant alert that your loved one may be in danger and you will receive their location so you can go pick them up. Proactive use of wearable technology can prevent serious accidents and keep your loved one safe.

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