Who is it ideal for?

Who is Clevercare ideal for?

Clevercare provides peace of mind for a range of people and their families. It's perfect for:

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Constant worry is part of being a parent - where's jimmy?, has he made it to school on time?, does he remember to catch the bus today?

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Anything can happen at anytime and if you work alone or in dangerous jobs a monitored alarm can give you, your employer and your family peace of mind!

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Being active, running and cycling in parks and on backroads creates vulnerable situations for your safety. Give yourself and your family peace of mind that they know where you are and your a button press away from help.

What Can Clevercare Do?

What can Clevercare do?


Clevercare does not work with a base station, nor is it restricted to a certain area. The worn device works on the mobile network, and will work almost anywhere in New Zealand! Whether you’re in the garden, or in the opposite end of the country, Clevercare will work.

Receive Phone Calls

The watch can be called from any landline or mobile phone and the call quality is like any phone put onto speaker.

Real-time Location

Locate your loved one in real time and be rest assured they can be found when they call for help.

Medication & Task Reminders

Customised reminders can be setup and scheduled as one-off or repeating alerts. Messages are received by the watch at the due time of the reminder and the alert repeats every 5mins.

Online Dashboard

Access your Carer's Dashboard from a smartphone, tablet or computer via an internet connection and customise reminders, view location on a map and define safety and danger zones.

Danger & Safe Zone Alerts

As a concerned family member and carer it would be more proactive if you were aware of a situation before it becomes an emergency. Danger and Safety zones can be setup by you so that you're notified of loved ones leaving home, entering dangerous areas such as train crossings etc.

24/7 Emergency Response Call Centre

Within seconds of activating your alarm our 24/7 call centre will call you directly through the smart watch to assess your situation. In all situations your nominated carers will be notified and informed. And if necessary emergency services will be contacted to come to your aid.

How does it work in an emergency?

How does Clevercare work in an Emergency?

The steps:

1. To call for help, simply press & hold any of the buttons on the smart watch. The watch will vibrate and a 10sec countdown screen will appear giving you time to cancel the alarm if its a false activation.

2. Out 24/7 emergency response call centre will receive your activation and within 30 seconds call you directly through the smart watch to speak with you and determine your situation and what you need.

3. If you are non-responsive or require assistance the call centre will contact your nominated carers and or emergency services to come to your aid. With GPS they are able to provide details of your location.

24/7 Call Centre
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Clevercare's 24/7 call centre has been outsourced to a New Zealand owned and operated company called Call Care. For more than 15 years Call Care has been managed and operated by Stephen Plant. Stephen was a call centre leader with Telecom New Zealand before acquiring Call Care in 1993, seeing the opportunity for a premium reception service for small, medium and large businesses in New Zealand. He has also had a few years retailing large and small business telephone systems and products.

Call Care provide an excellent and prompt service following Clevercare's strict Emergency Response protocol and all new recruits must complete and pass the Level 3 ETITO certificate in Contact Centres.

About the Watch

About the Clevercare Smart Watch

Clevercare Smart Watch

The watch is pre-programmed and setup so that the person only needs to wear the smart watch and charge when required. With a pre-installed SIM (similar to a mobile phone) it will work anywhere there is 3G mobile phone coverage. It weighs 75grams and although it is sturdy it is surprisingly lightweight.

With average use the battery lasts for at least 18-24 hours and only takes 45-60 mins to fully charge. Many of our customers charge their devices over night or during breakfast and watching the news.

About the Carer's Dashboard

About the Carer's Dashboard

The Carer's Dashboard is accessible from a smart phone, tablet and desktop computer. Family can be rest assured knowing they can check for the person's location, the status of the device, its battery levels, connectivity to the clevercare system and whether or not the person is moving or not.

From the Carer's Dashboard family members can customise and schedule an unlimited number of reminders for tasks or medication. They can also find out if the reminder has been completed or missed.

Safety and Danger zones can easily be created with associated messages to be sent to the carer's phone and/or email.

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