Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Clevercare? Check out the 20 most frequent questions we get asked and if its not on the list give us a call!
0800 284 373 or email us at info@clevercare.co.nz

1. Does it detect falls or heart rate?
No, but we are able to detect movement and send alerts with lack of movement. For example, if you’d like to be alerted for when your mum doesn’t move for an hour during the day or for 4 hours during the night. The watch will not send a false ‘no movement’ alert while it is on the charger.

Wrist-based heart rate monitors (such as Fitbits) are insufficiently reliable for serious health monitoring and may trigger false alerts or fail to trigger an alert when needed.

2. Can I call the watch from a landline?
Yes, you can call the watch from any mobile or landline phone! The ‘Answer’ button is big and bold and the speaker and microphone are of good quality.

3. Can you see where the person has been?
No, for privacy reasons the dashboard provides current position only. GPS history is stored on our database and can be made available upon request with the consent of the wearer.

4. Is the watch 3G?
Yes the watch is 3G and uses the Vodafone network. We recommend that you check for good coverage where the wearer will usually be, before purchase. If 3G signal is patchy within the home, but the home has wifi, we can set the watch up to use that instead when indoors.

5. Is it waterproof?
No, the watch is not sufficiently waterproof to use when showering. We recommend that the wearer leaves it on the floor or bathmat, or pops it into a covered soap dish, if they are concerned about a fall while in the shower.

6. Where is Clevercare available?
Clevercare’s products and services work anywhere in NZ where there is good mobile 3G coverage.

For use outside New Zealand, the Clevercare watch will work if it has a SIM installed to connect to a local 3G cellular network. It will be able to deliver the following features: GPS, reminders, motion detection, receiving calls. It will however not be connected to the call centre for emergencies. A locally compatible wall charger with a 1amp USB socket will be needed.

7. What if my mum can no longer use it after 6 months?
Simply send us an email saying you’d like to cancel your subscription and we will cancel your payments commencing 30 days from your request. If in our view it is in good order, Clevercare will make you an offer to buy back the watch.

8. How long does the battery last?
With standard use the watch will last approximately 18-24 hours with a full charge. We recommend that the wearer gets into the habit of charging it at the same time every day – the carer might like to set up a reminder on the watch for that!

9. How long does it take to charge?
If the watch has gone flat and powered off, it will charge from 0% to 100% in approximately an hour.

If the watch is on, the charge time will be longer and varies depending on the power source.

10. How long till I receive it?
As soon as we receive your order including all details to set up the watch and dashboard we will courier the watch to you within four days.

11. Does the watch require a big setup?
Yes but we will take care of all that! When you receive your watch it can be as easy for the wearer as turning it on and wearing it!

Once the account is opened the carer can set up the functionality on their dashboard, which is a very simple and intuitive process. We will provide you with support via videos and can walk you through any issues over the phone.

12. Can reminders be setup to repeat?
Once you’ve setup your reminders, you can schedule them to repeat if they are regular reminders to save you entering them each time.

13. How do I call for help?
By pressing and holding for 1 second, the alert button on the side of the watch (see video)

14. How does it charge?
By placing the watch into the cradle charger that comes with the watch. (See video)

15. Can the emergency activation go straight to the carer?
No. We want to ensure the best possible response to your needs when you call for help therefore our emergency activations are monitored by our NZ based call centre 24/7. Your carer will always be notified of the alarm even if they are unable to take our call. You can ask for alerts to go from the call centre to the carer only and not to emergency services if you prefer.

16. Does it cost me to activate for help?
No, this is covered by your weekly fee. The only additional cost is if an ambulance is sent to you after you’ve activated an alarm.

17. Is there a warranty and what does it cover or not cover?
We provide a 12month warranty to cover hardware faults. The warranty will not cover general wear and tear - for example, any chips, a broken strap or damaged screen.

18. Any funding or subsidy available?
Funding is available in some accidental injury cases through ACC. If your GP considers that you should qualify for the MSD medical alarm subsidy, we recommend that you talk to them about subsidising the cost of Clevercare.

19. What if I break my watch?
You can purchase a new watch, or if stock is available, a refurbished watch for $199.

20. Is the battery covered for replacement?
The battery comes with a 12 month warranty and is replaceable for $29.95.

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