How does it work

How does it work?

How Clevercare Works

Carers dashboard

The Carer's Dashboard

The Clevercare Carer's Dashboard has been designed and developed with our customers truly in mind. It is simple, legible and kind on the eye. Watch the video below to see for yourself!

A carer can login to their Clevercare carer's dashboard from a mobile phone, tablet or computer to securely monitor the wearer's location, reminders, boundaries, activity and watch battery levels.
Clevercare Carers Dashboard


For the Wearer

The Clevercare-supplied smart watch is pre-programmed and setup so that the person only needs to wear the smart watch and charge when required. With a pre-installed SIM (similar to a mobile phone) it will work anywhere there is mobile phone coverage. When an emergency alert is activated it will contact the 24/7 Clevercare call centre who will follow an emergency protocol that involves contacting the wearer, their carers and emergency services if needed. The smart watch can also be called from any landline or mobile.
Lightweight yet sturdy

Discreet design

Press and hold any button to activate an emergency

18-20 hours (average use) of battery life

1 hour charge time

Simple touch screen interface
Clevercare on a Smartwatch

Plans and pricing

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