Jo from Paraparaumu, September 2016:

"Our family is really pleased with our choice to get Mum a Clevercare watch. The peace of mind it gives us is absolutely invaluable!
Mum started wandering occasionally which became a big concern for her safety, so we searched for a product that would enable us to keep an eye on her whenever we needed to, from any location, easily.
We were looking for a device that didn’t rely on tethering to other devices, didn’t need a 3rd party doing the locating for us and was easy to interface with. Clevercare allows us to do that and has the capability to do even more like set reminders and boundaries if/when we decide we need to – we have control over what functions are used and when.
Mum loves her new watch, she wears it with pride and people often comment about how modern looking it is.
The Clevercare team are extremely patient and helpful and have always been available for support when we have needed it. Thanks Clevercare!"

Eva from Wellington , March 2016:

"Thanks so much for a great service, Clevercare! My elderly father (who's usually at home by himself during the day) has been showing early signs of dementia, but loves to walk around the neighbourhood that he's spent most of his life in. We initially looked at medical alarms, but with needing to be in the vicinity of the home phone to use it, it wasn't an option that would be useful if he was out and about. Knowing that we can locate him with the use of the device has put our mind at ease when he goes out for his walks. The device and the website is easy to use and the staff are friendly and helpful.
I would wholeheartedly recommend this service to others who worry about the whereabouts of their loved ones.

Paul from Matamata , 2015:

'With Clevercare reminding me to take my insulin and medication, my memory has improved and I've started to remember to take them on my own!"

Denise from Cambridge , 2015:

"I used top wear my medical alarm all the time even at the shops, even though it wouldn't work outside my home. But now with Clevercare I am so happy that if I ever need help, no matter where I am, I can use my medical alarm."

Kevin from Auckland, 2015:

"My sister and I always worry about dad, he loves to go out and about but he has a heart condition. Now, with Clevercare, we are more than happy for him to go out, we know where he is and make sure he's okay at all times."

Cheryl from Hamilton , 2015:

"Clevercare gives me so much peace of mind knowing I can locate Vic at all times, and if he walks too far away from home I'll get notified! I don't worry as much now."

Janet from Auckland , 2015:

"Clevercare provides us with peace of mind, knowing we can call Jack instantly to speak with him directly."

Jack from Tauranga, 2015:

"The Clevercare watch is so cool to wear!"

Linda from Auckland, 2015:

"Being able to remotely check in on Mikayla's location, means that I can get to work on time and relax knowing she's made it to polytech safely."

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